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ClimateMaster’s role as a domestic energy and geothermal heating and cooling leader extends back to the late 1950s when the company was first founded in Florida. ClimateMaster was later relocated to New York where it started manufacturing water loop heat pump systems, and finally moved its headquarters to Oklahoma City where it continues to thrive today.
For more than 50 years, the company has been developing and producing the industry’s most innovative and energy efficient heating and cooling systems.
Throughout its history, ClimateMaster has continued to invest in the value of its U.S.-patented technologies, expansion of its American manufacturing facilities, growth of its national network of distributors and training of its domestic employees.
Evanston ReBuilding Warehouse

The Evanston ReBuilding Warehouse is a non-profit organization that promotes the reduction of waste in landfills through sustainable deconstruction and renovation building practices. Reclaimed building materials are sold at their warehouse at low cost to the community and the proceeds support our education, job-training and job-development programs which foster individual, community and economic growth in Evanston and beyond.

2101 Dempster Street

InSoFast continuous insulation panels provide a one step solution with cutting edge performance designed to make your job easier. InSoFast is a complete system for moisture and thermal control for interior or exterior applications. With millions of square feet in place and thousands of satisfied customers, why work so hard when you don’t have to?
(651) 653-3677
Lansing Building Products

The mission of Lansing Building Products is to provide superior service in supplying exterior building products to professional contractors while maintaining the highest ethical standards.

We will accomplish this by:

1) Showing RESPECT for our associates, customers, and suppliers
2) Giving our customers the best possible SERVICE
3) Achieving EXCELLENCE in everything we do

Various Locations
(804) 266-8893
Rebuilding Exchange

Rebuilding Exchange’s mission is to create a market for reclaimed building materials. They accomplish this by diverting materials from landfills and making them accessible for reuse through their retail warehouse, promoting sustainable deconstruction practices, providing education and job training programs, and creating innovative models for sustainable reuse.

1740 W Webster Ave
ReUse Depot

ReUse Depot is a warehouse that serves as a natural outlet for the used building materials recovered by their deconstruction partner, BlueEarth Deconstruction, and provides a second life for great materials.


Zehnder America Inc. provides high-quality ventilation solutions to promote comfortable, healthy and energy-efficient indoor living. Zehnder America is a division of the Zehnder Group, headquartered in Switzerland. The Zehnder Group is represented worldwide and specializes in advanced heating, cooling, and ventilation technology.