Smart meters can help YOU save money and energy in your home! Check out the programs and strategies below to find out how you can be more connected to your energy use and decisions at home! ComEdSmartMeter_200

Smart Grid & Smart Meters
Access your electricity usage information 24/7 and understand how much energy you’re using and when, so you can make changes, take advantage of programs and save on your electric bills. Check out the smart meter installation map at

Smart Meter Connected Devices
Take advantage of your smart meter data! Smart Meter Connected Devices help you take control of your energy costs, too. Check out smart meter connected devices (SMCD), smart thermostats along with more resources and rebates at

ComEd’s Hourly Pricing Program
The more participants avoid using electricity when hourly prices are high, the more they can potentially save with Hourly Pricing. Access to hourly prices and can receive high price alerts by email, phone or text. Visit or call 888-202-7787 to enroll.

Energy Impact Illinois Residential
Get a free home energy assessment when you host an energy impact “house party”. An Energy Impact Illinois program expert and certified contractor will use your home to demonstrate energy efficiency concepts and conduct a simple energy assessment. Call 1-855-9-IMPACT or visit to learn more.

Learn more about Smart Meters, Utility Incentives and Rebate Programs by visiting partner websites and programs funded by the Illinois Science & Energy Innovation Foundation. Click the logo below!

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