Casa Sol Levita | 6621 149th Ave, Lowell, IN 46356 view map
A low toxicity, healthy, net zero energy home. This home will be durable, fire, mold and insect resistant. Comfort, health, sustainable and energy efficiency will be its’ primary qualities. 

Construction Status: Complete

SIZE: 2,200 square feet

PROJECT TYPE: Single Family- New Construction

HERS Rating (Achieved)

Innovative Homes NW Inc.

6621 West 149th Ave Crown Point, IN 46307



Casa Sol Levita, meaning House of the Rising Sun, is a uniquely constructed home nestled on a 10 acre parcel adjacent to Lake Dalecarlia in Southern Lake County Indiana. Made entirely from locally sourced, 85% recycled light gauge steel framing, this double envelope structure features nearly no petroleum-based insulation while using physics to create minimal thermal bridging. This technique offers a nearly fireproof, insect resistant, mold proof, weather tight structure that is remarkably quiet from outdoor sounds and is designed to use substantially less energy than a similar sized, traditionally constructed home.

This home was built during the 2017 building season utilizing light gauge steel framing, a super insulated, thermally isolated foundation incorporating advanced moisture and Radon gas management, no VOC, chemical binders or formaldehyde, pure fiberglass dense packed wall and roof insulation into unique moisture, and air barrier fabrics on all exterior and interior wall and roof assemblies.

To insure a low VOC and mold controlling build, dense glass sheathing, with a fiber glass matt on both sides with a unique virgin mined gypsum core (to minimize the unwanted heavy metal presence in synthetic gypsum products), was used with an air barrier, vapor open house wrap with every seam meticulously taped and air sealed. No Volatile Organic Compounds were used in all paint, caulk and adhesives. The only wood and wood products used were the cabinetry, doors, and door trim to insure a minimal fire, mold, and insect threat.

The heating, cooling, domestic hot water, and dehumidification are provided by a unique air to liquid heat pump system.  Additionally, the in floor hydronic heating is ultra comfortable with 5 micro fan coil units providing excellent summertime cooling. Leading ventilation technology has also been installed to ensure comfortable, healthy and energy-efficient indoor living. The home also features an ERV unit with a geothermal pre-heat – cool earth tube exchanger with system recovery values as high as 95% efficiency.

A continuous balanced supply of air is removed from the kitchen, baths, laundry and closets and replaced with fresh, free energy fortified, HEPA filtered air to all bedrooms and living room. Healthy indoor air quality with comfort and superior energy efficiency are paramount in this home.

All LED lighting, Energy Star stainless steel appliances, and low water consumption plumbing devices compliment the energy sipping mechanical systems. The 54 unit, 13,500 watt solar PV system ensure a NET ZERO energy residence with ample energy to comfortably power the home, garage and the owner’s electric automobile. This step free, ADA compliant property ensures a smooth transition to aging in place yet has the comfortable look and feel of a traditional homestead.