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DJK Naperville Eco-Smart Home | 632 Knoch Knolls Road, Naperville, IL 60565view map
Using sustainable performance metrics to provide a guided road map that creates properties which improve the environment, produce energy and are economically viable.

SIZE: 3,158 square feet

PROJECT TYPE: Single Family- New Construction

LEED for Homes (Pending)
NAHB National Green Building Standard (Pending)
Energy Star v3 wIAP (Pending)


DJK Custom Homes
26108 Stewart Ridge Drive, Plainfield, IL 60565
DJK Custom Homes is more than just a homebuilder. They are committed to building homes that are not only beautiful, but are healthy and energy efficient as well.



Sustainability, energy efficiency, and healthy living are all possible in the DJK Eco-Smart Home, located in Naperville. This wonderful house is on course to become LEED Platinum and NAHB Green Emerald level certified! Energy Star 3.0 and EPA Indoor Air Plus certifications are also planned for the property.

This home is expected to be a net-zero energy home; producing more energy than it uses. Some of the key energy efficient features of this project include LED lighting fixtures, Energy Star appliances, induction cooking, and a 11 kw roof mounted solar PV system. The home is super insulated with blown in cellulose in 2×6 walls as well as two inches of foam on the exterior of all walls.  
Maintaining a healthy air supply will not be a problem at the DJK Eco-Smart Home! A combination of No-VOC paints, stains, and finishes are utilized throughout the home, as well low  formaldehyde emitting materials and VOC eliminating drywall. The air will be continually filtered and exchanged with the Merv-13 filtration and ERV system.
Other attractions of this property include an onsite edible garden, a certified wildlife habitat, and a multitude of renewable energy sources. This home has everything you need to foster the perfect sustainable lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.