Lincoln Park Upcycled Residence |2120 N. Bissell Chicago, IL 60614 view map 
Energy efficient home with custom upcycled furniture from storm-fallen trees, compost collection, high-efficiency heating and cooling accented with all LED lighting, and a 14 solar panel system as well as many more unique green features. 

SIZE: 1,600 square feet

Compost collection
Upcycled furniture
Local and recycled materials
High-efficiency heating and cooling
LED Lighting
Solar electric photovoltaic (PV)

ComEd Home Energy Assessment
ComEd Rebates and Discounts
CNT Weather-Sealing Initiative

2 Point Perspective
1137 W Webster Ave Chicago, IL 60614

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As Architects, 2 Point Perspective believes that green building practices are the cornerstone of an environmentally sustainable world. They have always used their home, originally constructed in 1882, as a learning lab. Through 14 years of various renovation projects, they have tested different systems, materials, and technologies that they can then knowledgeably incorporate into their clients’ projects.

The eco-features utilized in the home spread across a variety of categories, with the most significant features revolving around energy efficiency. In 2008, a CNT-administered incentive program was utilized to weather seal the home. Blower door tests performed before and after the weather sealing revealed an increase of 37% in efficiency. In 2012, a 14-panel photovoltaic array was installed which now covers more than 100% of the home’s electricity usage, on average. (The average electric bill in the summer is only $5/month. The system had paid for itself as of 2018!) The heating and cooling systems consist of a SEER 15 air conditioning with a 98% efficient furnace, and nearly every light in the home is LED.

In the home’s most significant project, the remodeling of the kitchen, a decision was made to relocate the existing cabinet boxes and reface them with bamboo door and drawer fronts. They were topped with locally made, 80% recycled-glass and concrete countertops. The existing walls were filled with recycled blue-jean insulation and there is also an outdoor compost bin.

Throughout the home, dual flush toilets and water sense faucets were installed. In addition, this home utilizes recirculating pumps to avoid water waste as hot water makes its way to the tap.

As designers and architects, the homeowners were able to manage some small projects on their own, but they also recognized when professional help would be beneficial. Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing work is generally best left to the pros!