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Modular Prefab Modern Farmhouse | 634 N. Taylor St., Oak Park, IL 60302  view map 
This is a DOE Zero Energy Ready Home where 21st century technology and living meet an early 20th century neighborhood.

SIZE: 1,998 square feet

PROJECT TYPE: Single Family – New Construction

DOE Zero Energy Ready Home (Pending)

Tom Bassett Dilley Architect, Ltd.
216 Harrison, Oak Park, IL
TBDA is a nationally recognized firm specializing in high-performance, healthy, and Passive House architecture for new building and renovations.


Project Website:

This is a DOE Zero Energy Ready Home (pending) where 21st century technology and living meet an early 20th century neighborhood. This home is designed to optimize contemporary technology while respecting the character of the neighborhood. It was built in an Indiana factory and was set in place on August 23, 2017 in Oak Park. It took 3 trucks and one large crane to place the six modules together, and after six hours, there stood a fully enclosed and roofed house ready for finishes.

TBDA’s architectural vision is to redesign American living to be healthy and carbon-neutral. Our first modular prefab house is a step toward making this aspirational future attainable now. By using Passive House techniques such as high levels of continuous insulation, energy recovery ventilation, LED lighting, Energy Star appliances, and an efficient hot water system, we base the energy strategy on conservation first. We then plan for solar PV by designing a roof oriented south, and pre-wire for solar installation. Our concept for the DOE’s Zero Energy Ready Home program is to design a home efficient enough to be capable of offsetting annual energy needs with a solar array that fits on the roof (this is an all-electric, no-gas house). Exterior materials are chosen for durability (prefinished siding, cedar trims) and are protected with overhangs and flashings. Factory fabrication allows excellent quality control, dimensional accuracy, predictable costs, efficient material use, and faster construction times. An important part of the quality control is the non-toxic protocol, using GreenGuard certified products for all sealants, caulks, and adhesives, GreenGuard or ILFI Declare label paints and insulation, no-added-formaldehyde panel goods (cabinetry and plywood panels), and zero-VOC, non-toxic paints and floor finishes. Beyond “doing no harm” with smart specifications, we aim to positively impact homeowners’ lives through good design: the use of natural light, open spaces, indoor-outdoor flow, balanced ventilation, and delightful colors and natural materials all help create a place of refuge and vitality. And yes, those are plywood floors!