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+Plus House | 919 West Cullerton St., Chicago, IL 60608, Chicago, Illinois 60608  view map 
The+Plus House embodies sustainability and affordability through high performance components  carefully selected to maximize efficient use of resources and to create an indoor atmosphere absent of harmful toxins.
(Under Construction – Nearly Complete)

SIZE: 2,600 square feet

PROJECT TYPE: Single Family – New Construction

HERS Rating (Pending)
LEED for Homes (Pending)


Eco Achievers
1647 W Fulton St, Chicago, IL 60612
Eco Achievers provides consulting, energy rating, and third-party verification services to help deliver sustainable, high-performance homes. Experience with Energy Star, LEED, NGBS, and GreenStar programs.



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As a high-performance, healthy, and affordable home pending LEED silver certification, the +Plus House is the new standard for green building. Our series of +Plus Houses are constructed on 92′ x 25′ lots in Pilsen and they can be built on any Chicago lot.

The tour of the +Plus House will educate you about how indoor air quality affects health and the unique ways that we have achieved an exceptionally high air quality standard, from the envelope and foam insulated foundation, to the air cleaning drywall, advanced ERV system, and paints and finishes carefully chosen according to their VOC-releasing properties. The +Plus House is also built with efficient resource use in mind. At this home you will see a superior heating/cooling system, advanced Energy Star framing techniques with thermal bridging, building materials sourced locally and made of recycled material, and solar power potential. As a bonus, while at +Plus House you will experience a neighborhood at a crossroads. You will learn about the dozens of units of development that are about to impact the market in Pilsen and why the neighborhood is still so affordable.