Prairie House |24974 W Miller Road, Barrington, IL 60010 view map 
Beautiful home with 8.5 acre farm fields and pastures that takes advantage of natural ventilation. 

SIZE: 2,600 square feet

Native/ Adaptive Plantings
Permeable paving/ Heat island reduction
Building ventilation system
Solar Electric Photovoltaic (PV) 

ComEd Home Energy Assessment
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Citizens for Conservation Habitat Corridors



Prairie House was designed in 1994 to take advantage of natural ventilation with lots of operable windows, solar reflective shades, operable skylight, attic fan and a wholehouse fan.

In 2010, Prairie House began returning its 8.5 acre farm fields and pastures back to prairie. The home now has 85% of the acreage in restoration with hundreds of native, grasses, sedges and flowers in bloom each year. As the prairie heals, there are more and more remnants reestablishing its native habitats.

In 2014, a 4 kW solar array was installed on our roof that provides 85% of our electrical power and will pay for itself in 10 years.