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STEAM Design Studio | 8628 South Marquette Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. 60617  view map 
Creating a home which captures energy, purifies water, cleans air and enriches land while focusing on comfort, health and resilient
Construction Status: Complete

SIZE: 2,000 square feet

PROJECT TYPE: Single Family – Rennovation/Remodel

Chicago Green Homes Program

Ecotelligent Design
8628 South Marquette Avenue, Chicago, IL 60617

Steam Design Studio and Residence was designed, deconstructed, rebuilt and managed by Timothy Heppner who is the Executive Director of Ecotelligent Design. It was constructed with the belief that a home can be sustainable.

This home has exceptional integrated stormwater management system which includes a vegetated roof, rain barrels, seepage catchments, bioswales, rain gardens and wetland reservoir. The property mediates all the stormwater on site.

It has passive and active solar management that incorporates a steel umbrella roof, optimized window orientation and sizing, solar thermal panels, and pre-rough in for photovoltaic system. This property will generate more energy then it uses.

The infrastructure has an innovated HVAC system that utilize geo-exchange pre-air conditioning, zoned radiant heating, entropy wheel dehumidification and ventilation, plus slab radiant cooling.

With award winning landscaping that includes restored native prairie, butterfly sanctuary, wetland reservoir and victory gardens. Additional landscapes are roof top strawberry fields, raspberry gangway, blueberry bunch and a potato patch.

On energy performance this home has Energy Star appliances, Led lighting, induction stove top, high performance plumbing fixtures, air tight envelope and optimized insulation levels.


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