A Chicago house that is “healthy, efficient, and right-sized for comfortable living”

July 24, 2015 – Treehugger

There’s a whole village of green houses open for touring in Chicago this weekend, and one of them is a Passive House with a catchy name: the Right-Sized Oak Park Home. It’s designed by Architect Tom Bassett-Dilley, and is “healthy, efficient, and right-sized for comfortable living.” It’s all of those things, and looks like it will fit right in Oak Park, famous for its Frank Lloyd Wright houses.

The house is going to need a special wall for all the plaques and certifications; it’s going for Passive House under PHIUS 2015, LEED-H Platinum, Net Zero Energy, HERS. It’s all very nicely done. The window supplier, Zola European Windows, tells us that “The windows are Zola Thermo uPVC, triple-glazed units with insulated uPVC frames, an incredible value for Passive House performance.” I am not normally a fan of vinyl windows, but might have to rethink that, these are a whole different breed. Windows that meet Passive House standards can be really expensive; A high efficiency more affordable window could make a real difference in the acceptance of the Passive House standard in North America.

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