Rater / Third Party Verifier

Eco Achievers

Third-party testing and certification services for ENERGY STAR, NGBS, LEED, GreenStar, and Passive House, and distributors of the CERV demand-controllled ventilation system.

LTLB Envirotecture
Architect & HERS Rater owned firm focusing on third-party inspections, testing, and certifications for multiple green building programs and project types. Please see our website for more information as well as for a list of available green homes.

LTLB Envirotecture is an architecture and design firm that primarily focuses on specialized sustainable commercial work, new certified green homes, residential additions, existing home retrofits for aging in place clients, and providing rater services for a multitude of green building program projects. Overall, through our team, we currently have over one thousand energy ratings, energy audits, and green building certifications combined. Also, each of our senior team members have at least over 25 years experience with building science and within the building industry.

Illinois (Northern & Chicago metro area), Wisconsin (Southern, Madison/ Milwaukee metro areas), and Indiana (Northern)
Priority Energy

Priority Energy helps homeowners, builders and contractors create healthier and more comfortable spaces that are also energy efficient. Creating a healthy, highly efficient home requires that all components of the building work as a system. If you are adding an addition, renovating, or building from scratch, get our team of building science and indoor air quality experts involved at the design-stage to ensure your project is done right.

We offer complete project/performance oversite; as well as mechanical system design, energy modeling, IECC compliance verification, humidity remediation, and indoor air quality assessments. Our RESNET and BPI-certified technicians also provide HERS Ratings, Energy Star verification and comprehensive energy audits. Priority Energy is also the area’s leading Aeroseal™ expert.

538 Busse Highway
Park Ridge