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Edison Park Zoetic® Home | 6558 N Oxford Avenue, Chicago IL 60631  view map 
A collection of integrated design decisions and systems, properly executed, to provide a home that actively contributes to the well-being of the occupants.
Construction Status: Near Completion

SIZE: 3,700 square feet

PROJECT TYPE: Single Family – New Construction

DOE Zero Energy Ready Home (Pending)
ENERGY STAR for Homes (Pending)
HERS Rating (Pending)
LEED for Homes (Pending)

Zoetic Building Consultants, LLC

Project Website:

Zoetic by definition means living and vital. In this project we asked ourselves, when considering a component or finish: Is it healthy, safe, comfortable, smart, sustainable, or energy-efficient?™ If the answer was no, the item was not included. Therefore, we can confidently say our Edison Park ZoeticⓇ home is a healthy, safe, comfortable, smart, sustainable, and energy-efficient™ home that is a vital participant in the overall well-being of the people who live there.

This engineered system has distinct advantages over conventionally frame-built homes. The foundation of the home had an absence of poured concrete foundation walls and the associated material and labor cost. Additionally, it has Pre-installed continuous insulation that provides an air sealed, unbroken thermal envelope with an insulating value of R-30 via a 7.5” wall. This structure was built with the WELL Building Standard in mind, and it has a fully-variable, 3 thermostat, heat pump-driven, comfort delivery system with micro-zones that provides optimum comfort control and energy efficiency. This structure is all electric, solar powered, combustion free home that is battery-backup ready.

Come and enjoy this all electric home with special appearances and demonstrations from TESLA!

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