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Galewood House | 6909 W. Armitage Ave, Chicago, IL 60707  view map
A custom, owner-driven, new construction, EnergyStar rated home built on the owners’ lot in the Galewood neighborhood of Chicago.

SIZE: 3,300 square feet

PROJECT TYPE: Single Family – New Construction

DOE Zero Energy Ready Home (Achieved)
Energy Star for Homes (Achieved)
HERS Rating (Achieved)

Greenline Homes, LLC
6625 S. Ingleside Ave., Chicago, IL 60637
We build high-performance urban homes that are well designed, sustainable, highly energy-efficient, ultra-comfortable, simple to maintain, and beautiful.


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This is Greenline’s first EnergyStar rated home, and it also achieved the DOE Zero Energy Ready designation. The owners of this home hired Greenline Homes to build their home on the lot they purchased. The owners came to Greenline Homes with an energy rater already chosen and well-developed ideas of what they wanted in terms of space and mechanicals. This arrangement was mutually beneficial as both parties learned from each other and enjoyed the cooperative process of design and construction. Greenline Homes was able to become familiar with different wall systems and mechanicals, and the owners ended up with a relatively affordable, high quality, green home.

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