Glen Ellyn Deep Energy Retrofit | July 15th @ 3:30 PM
Existing home transformed into a beautiful, net zero, electric home 

The vision of this home was to take an existing house in a great location, and completely transform it into a home that worked for our family. Our goals were to build something that was beautiful yet practical, at or near net zero energy use yet comfortable year round, and healthy yet reasonably affordable. The lot was selected and the house was designed to maximum solar exposure. The house is all electric and uses no gas.

Green features include a well-insulated and airtight envelope, excellent windows, a 10 kw solar array, an energy recovery ventilator, an efficient and right-sized heat pump for heating and cooling, and a split-system heat pump hot water heater for domestic hot water and supplemental radiant floor heating. All of the built-ins are constructed from salvaged lumber from the original house and low or no emitting materials and finishes were used where ever possible.

HERS Rating (Pending)

Jamie Carr

Tom Bassett Dilley Architects
216 Harrison, Oak Park, IL