House of the Rising SunJuly 29th @ 3:30 PM
A low toxicity, healthy, net zero energy home. This home will be durable, fire, mold and insect resistant. Comfort, health, sustainable and energy efficiency will be its’ primary qualities. 

House of the Rising Sun is made entirely from locally sourced, 85% recycled light gauge steel framing, this double envelope structure features nearly no petroleum-based insulation while using physics to create minimal thermal bridging. No Volatile Organic Compounds were used in all paint, caulk and adhesives. The only wood and wood products used were the cabinetry, doors, and door trim to insure a minimal fire, mold, and insect threat.

The heating, cooling, domestic hot water, and dehumidification are provided by a unique air to liquid heat pump system. Leading ventilation technology has also been installed to ensure comfortable, healthy and energy-efficient indoor living. The home also features an ERV unit with a geothermal pre-heat – cool earth tube exchanger with system recovery values as high as 95% efficiency.

There is a continuous balanced supply of fresh, free energy fortified, HEPA filtered air throughout the home. Healthy indoor air quality with comfort and superior energy efficiency are paramount in this home.

The solar PV system ensures a NET ZERO energy residence with ample energy to comfortably power the home, garage and electric automobile.

HERS Rating (Achieved)

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