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Modern Victorian  | 2009 W 56th St., LaGrange Highlands, IL 60525  view map 
Modern Victorian is a Custom Home designed be truly as energy efficient, comfortable, and healthy as possible.
Construction Status: Nearly Completed

SIZE: 4,000 square feet

PROJECT TYPE: Single Family – New Construction

DOE Zero Energy Ready Home (Pending)
ENERGY STAR for Homes (Pending)
HERS Rating (Pending)

Schaffer Construction
2009 W 56th St., La Grange, IL 60525

Modern Victorian is a custom home built in LaGrange Highlands. The site was selected for it’s location, size, and large mature trees. From day one, every precaution was taken to ensure the health of the tree’s on the beautiful lot.

Though not designed to be a passive house, this home was built to be extremely efficient. The house was air sealed on the exterior, covered with reclaimed exterior rigid foam, and then wrapped with a rain screen. The rigid foam eliminates almost all thermal bridging and the rain screen will ensure the siding and trim will last a lifetime.

Inside of the Victorian inspired exterior, the inside was designed to be as comfortable and healthy as possible. The home features a Radiant Heating and Cooling System and a Dedicated Outdoor Air System to bring fresh air into the home.

Because of the large trees on the property, a PV system was not a viable option at this time. However, the house was still wired to accept solar panels at a later time if they become feasible. The home will have Energy Star appliances and LED lighting.