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Elmhurst Green House | 135 Oak Elmhurst, IL 60126  view map

Breathe easy in this green built home.

SIZE: 2,555 square feet

PROJECT TYPE: Single Family New Construction

• NAHB National Green Building Standard


SWA Architects
911 Rogers Downers Grove, IL 60515
SWA Architects is a Downers Grove based architectural firm that designs around the belief that every individual defines their own sense of home.


This home was carefully constructed to be as minimally invasive to the environment both during and after construction, along with taking careful account of the indoor air quality which was of great importance to the homeowners. From the heating and cooling system, to the lumber, to the finish materials, every selection was made with a conscience effort to reduce waste and improve energy efficiency and indoor air quality. The GeoThermal heating and cooling system uses the constant temperature of the earth to efficiently heat and cool the home by eliminating the need to heat or cool the extreme outdoor air temperatures to make the home comfortable. All water fixtures were selected based on their lower flow rates, conserving up to 40% more water than the average home. High quality air filters, sealed ducts and finishes containing no VOC’s all maximize the indoor air-quality of the home. Timer controlled exhaust fans mitigate moisture problems in bathrooms while also assisting in fresh air exchanges for the home.