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SmartHaus | 1833 Maple Avenue, Northbrook, IL 60062 view map
This LEED Platinum Home incorporates passive and active solar technologies, high performance building envelope and a computerized energy recovery ventilation system.

SIZE: 2,950 square feet

PROJECT TYPE: Single Family- New Construction

CERTIFICATIONS: LEED for Homes (Platinum)



SmartHaus and Wexler/Kollman
Architect and Construction Management services committed to sustainable design and construction practices.
16595 Easton Avenue, Prairie View, IL 60069




SmartHaus-Beyond Green. This home has been built to take advantage of passive and active solar energy utilizing low impact or recyclable materials, high efficiency lighting and controls and water conserving plumbing fixtures in an uplifting and whimsical design. Every material and system has been studied in terms of its environmental impact and life cycle costs.

“The jump in technology and science over the last few years has been incredible,” SmartHaus Architect Michael Kollman said, “We can design and build homes today that can produce as much energy as they need to operate, maintain healthy indoor environments,   and be fine-tuned to take into account budgets and homeowner preferences.”

The home incorporates an innovative HVAC system which uses less energy than a conventional heating and cooling system and provides extremely high indoor air quality utilizing a CERV (conditioned energy recovery ventilation system) combined with mini-split electric heat pumps.

“When we first started thinking about building our own home we knew we wanted one that would be energy efficient, healthy and representative of our family,” Owners Aaron and Jenny Stash stated.

Come and see how the Stash’s vision has come to life.