Wildwood Passive Power Model | July 8th @ 3:30 PM 
This home is a model home in a new development, Wildwood, that will converge Passive House technologies with solar and energy storage in order to avoid any negative duck curve effect and require no peak power plant energy for most of the year.

This home, that merges lifestyle, nature and community, is the first in a new development, Wildwood. This community uses modern technology to connect services while allowing you to live in a beautiful natural environment.

The Wildwood Passive Power Model is designed to impact your health positively through seasonal, outdoor activities and a local farmers delivery year round. At this home, energy is shared among neighbors which powers a net zero way of living via an innovative microgrid infrastructure. This home also has access to onsite composting, an electric car charging station, and onsite bee hives. Beyond energy alone, this home utilizes protocols for healthy indoor environments.  Also, efforts have been made to re-establish native wildflower and prairie species through the community while also clearing out invasive species in the underbrush of the oak groves. Wildwood Passive Power Model’s connection with nature creates a harmonious blend of native landscapes providing beautiful color palettes.

PHIUS+ 2018 Pilot (Pending)
EPA Indoor Air Plus (Pending)
DOE Zero Energy Ready Home (Pending)
ENERGY STAR for Homes (Pending)
HERS Rating (Pending)

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