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Zoetic 350 – Edison Park | 6558 N. Oxford Ave, Chicago, IL 60631  view map 
The Zoetic ™ 350 is Healthy, Safe, Comfortable, Smart, Sustainable and Energy-Efficient ™ . Superior building materials, engineering and construction methods provide high indoor air quality, strength, and efficiency.
(Under Construction – Pre-Drywall)

SIZE: 3,700 square feet

PROJECT TYPE: Single Family – New Construction

DOE Zero Energy Ready (Pending)
HERS Rating (Pending)
Energy Star for Homes (Pending)
LEED for Homes (Pending)

Brian Rayski

Zoetic Homes, Inc.

Eco Achievers
1647 W Fulton St, Chicago, IL 60612
Eco Achievers provides consulting, energy rating, and third-party verification services to help deliver sustainable, high-performance homes. Experience with Energy Star, LEED, NGBS, and GreenStar programs.


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Realtor: www.ybproperties.com

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This designed and engineered home is being built utilizing structural steel insulated panel (SSIP) technology. SSIP’S provide a high level of continuous insulation while retaining a narrow 7.5” wall thickness. In addition, these strong panels will be used as the foundation wall system, eliminating the need for an expensive concrete foundation. This is ideal for a 25-foot wide city lot, allowing us an opportunity to maximize interior floor space and provide exterior noise reduction. This home will be fire, wind, water, mold, moisture, and insect/pest resistant, all added benefits of the SSIP technology.

With a projected HERS score in the 30’s, all of the home’s heating needs can be handled by an inexpensive, but genius, radiant heat system. Cooling is achieved by a mini-split system. The high indoor air quality is maintained by the Zoetic ™ Home’s smart ventilation system that monitors and reacts to changing conditions such as heightened CO2 levels. This balanced system ensures complete comfort is achieved in every part of the house year round. This home features very low or no VOCs and even EMF protection. The Zoetic ™ 350 has been purposefully designed and engineered to be an active participate in the health of its occupants. By thinking of the whole home and using independent components designed to work together as one system, we created a home that is Healthy, Safe, Comfortable, Smart, Sustainable and Energy Efficient ™.

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